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Howard Core Company

Established in 1976, we’ve come to work every day for the last 40-plus years with one goal in mind: to provide the string instrument community with the best possible combination of quality products and customer service. Howard Core Co. is a manufacturer/wholesale distributor supplying retail dealers throughout North America. Please contact your preferred retail dealer to request our products or more details about these leading brands:

Core Academy, Core Conservatory, Core Symphony, Core Select, Johannes Köhr, Bobelock, Gewa, Dörfler, Glasser, Höfner, Sandner, Wilfer, Pirastro, Thomastik, D’Addario, Larsen, Crown, Jargar, Prim, Corelli, Super-Sensitive, Kun, Wolf, Everest, Artino, Wittner, Aubert, Despiau, Teller, Ulsa, Herdim, Dictum and many others.

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The Howard Core team has greater than 450 total years of working experience in our industry, with a professional set-up department that ensures the instruments you receive from HCC are just the way you like them, and a Customer Service team whose sole focus is your satisfaction!

The HCC campus and warehouses contain the largest and widest inventory of orchestral string products in North America: strings, accessories, fittings, tools, tonewood, instruments, bows, and cases. We work closely with our dedicated suppliers around the world who continue to deliver quality and consistency we can all rely upon in this constantly evolving industry.

There’s a phrase that is often tossed around, “The only thing that’s constant is change.” While this seems true, and Howard Core Company has certainly changed in many ways over the past four decades, you may rest assured that our CORE values have remained constantly the same: quality, selection, value, service.