Core Academy

Start your customers off on the right track! Help beginning players get excited about string instruments, and give budget-conscious customers a worthwhile option. The Core Academy line represents solid craftsmanship and materials, proper setup, and good tone production, all at a value price.

We designed the new A10 model for maximum value. There is always a challenge to compete with the most inexpensive instruments in the global marketplace, but what is sacrificed? What is the line between proper construction and a poor imitation? With the new A10 model we established a basic standard, subjecting it to extensive testing and incredible scrutiny as the Core-A1 model in 2015. After all the evaluations were in, customers agreed it was worth it, and now worthy of the CORE-A10 designation.

These violins are hand-made, with aged wood, extremely well-constructed with all the right dimensions, then adjusted in our Alabama workshops. This translates into an easy to play violin with quality sound that you can count on. Truly a great value for beginning students, the solid craftsmanship and durability will last year in and year out in your rental fleet.

A violin with personality. Boasting a proven track record with dealers across the country, as the "old A10" model, this new designation as the A13 model reminds us of the charm and value of a baker's dozen. Sweet, reliable tone quality, good response, and a unique finish that stands apart from the crowd.

The star pupil of the Core Academy series: the all new A15 model has been wildly popular since its re-introduction and it's no surprise. This head of the class features a more transparent and aesthetically pleasing finish, allowing the natural wood grain and flaming to shine through. hard work and careful study habits pay off with a pleasant tone, easy playability and quick response that will pass any test with flying colors.