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Super-Sensitive Strings
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Red Label

Violin, viola, cello, & bass. These popular-priced, durable strings provide good tonal quality and dependability. They are especially favored by Suzuki Method instructors, school and private music teachers and students.


Violin, viola, cello & bass sets available.


Violin & viola. Perlon core string that provides the feel of a traditional gut string. Great for step-up instruments.


Violin, viola, cello, & bass. Chromium alloy wound string on a multi-stranded rope core. Provides the flexibility of a gut string with the durability of a steel core string. Widely accepted by all types of players, from bluegrass to concert musicians.


Violin, viola, cello, & bass. Full core steel string with chromium winding. Designed for the intermediate player, but is also used by beginning players as well.


Violin, viola, cello, & bass. Perlon core provides the feel of traditional gut strings & stability under temperature and humidity changes.

Sensicore Octave

Violin. Tuned an octave lower than Sensicore Violin strings while using a regular size violin.


Cello & bass. The choice of musicians who prefer multi-stranded rope core strings with superior tonal qualities.

Old Fiddler

County/Western and Bluegrass instruments produce crisp sounds with these quality strings.They stay in tune and hold a perfect tone even under changing outdoor - concert atmospheric conditions.

Black Diamond Fiddle