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Glardon/Vallorbe Files
The traditional Swiss Glardon/Vallorbe company (formerly Grobet-Swiss) makes top-quality precision files which meet the high quality standards of the watch industry. 200 years of experience come to the fore in excellent durability and sharpness. The files are designed for working steel, but they are equally sujitable for fine working of wood, aluminum, brass and hard plastics. Hardened to 64-65 HRC.Although these files were originally developed for watch makers they are exceptionally well suited for woodworking, also. The workmanship and edge-holding ability of their cuts are of superb quality.
The density and height of the cutting edges depend on the cut number AND the length of the file.
coarse wood 1 000 - 0
medium wood 2 0 - 1
fine wood / metal 3 1 - 2
very fine metal 4 2 - 3
ultra fine metal 5 3 - 4
Cross Files
Flat Files
Half-Round Files
Lining File
Needle Files
Round Files
Saddle Files
Japanese Feather Edge Saw Files

German Files
Set of 4 saddle files.
E-string saddle file.    
File Card