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"My Real World Violin Shop"

"Useful Measurements For Violin Makers"

Both of these books, by Henry Strobel, are excellent references for any violin shop.  They are not too advanced or in-depth, yet contain a wealth of information that no luthier should be without!

List of Tools:

The following list reflects the basic tools required to perform a set-up adjustment on a violin or cello. Your choice of tools may vary somewhat, depending on your skill level, experience, etc.

Peg shaper and reamer
for both violin and cello
  Item # (Click for more info or to order)
  violin reamer -   730502
  violin shaper -   730102
  cello reamer -   730601
  cello shaper -   730203
  cello endpin reamer -   730700
Large and Small German steel knife
  small knife -   700301
  large knife -   700305
Soundpost setter for violin and cello
  violin -   700101
  cello -   700101-C
Soundpost Retrievers
  violin -   700108
  cello -   700109
A 6 inch or smaller planer from a hardware store for fingerboards
Stanley #102 planer or larger 6" Stanley
  Check your local hardware store!
Standard files, one course and one fine
  course file -   705192
  fine file -   705078
Several needle files for
nut slotting on violin and cello
  For the E stings on violin -   T-2452
  general use -   705044
Hide glue
  hide glue -   G50
Assembly clamps for violin and cello
  violin -   705700
  cello -   705701
  Bow Rehairing Clamp    
  Bow Rehairing Clamp -   706302